Hello there. i bought my ts9 around 7 months ago, and it works perfectly fine. I am powering it using a standard roland 9v power adapter. But recently, I sold it to a friend because I just got myself a multiFX, easy on my wallet and allow me to try different pedals.
but, i was then contacted/told back by the buyer that my TS9 is not working well. It is emitting a high pitch sound when it is turned on when powered by an adapter but it doesn't produce that high pitch sound when it is powered by a 9v battery. when i bring over my power adapter that i once used with the TS9, it also does the same thing. it causes the TS9 to produce that high pitch squealing sound. Does anyone know what can i do? or what is wrong with the TS9? because it works perfectly fine just before i sell it..the same adapter ,cable,guitar and the same amp which was a mesa boogie triple rectifier was also used with an ibanez TS mini and it sounds fine and does not produce that squealign sound.

extra information, the pedal was tested at a studio and said to be ruin/broken. is there something about the power/voltage because it's a shop lot kind of building.

please help me...
Its possible that what you're hearing is 'dirty' voltage coming from the wall that isn't being filtered out by the power supply and causing a very strange, quite loud and high pitched noise in the guitar signal. It would make sense since that noise goes away once you run the pedal on batteries.

Have you tried running the pedal with a proper regulated and filtered power supply?
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T00DEEPBLUE Thanks for replying. I have not yet tried running the pedal through a filtered power supply, and by filtered power supply is it something like the dc brick or voodoo lab pedal power? The buyer told me he had tried running through the dc brick but the squealing sound is still there. Is there any possibilities that the power input jack or the components receiving the power from the adapter is fried?