Changed my pickups a few months ago to seymour duncans. everything worked fine. Recently tried playing my guitar again after not playing it for a few months and the pickup selector switch is very noisey. The neck pickup cuts out too, and I have to tap the selector switch for it to come back to life.

All the soldered connections seem ok, whats the best way to find the problem?

Dust, rust, crust and must in your switch?
Try spraying it with a contact cleaner like DeOxit. Try to keep it off the finish, of course. Might take a couple of shots to get it completely cleared.

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Thanks for the reply would wd40 be ok?

It's not the same thing, no. DeOxit is specifically designed to clean contacts.
Hang on a second, don't go blowing money on anti-rust stuff, the far more likely cause is something soldering related. Is the selector switch noisy on all channels or just on the neck pickup?

I would recommend a new selector switch completely, the <$500 Ibanez parts are generally awful. Having said that, new pots and a switch is dirt cheap and makes all the difference
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ok thanks, it seems really expensive, would the tube version be ok?


And do i just need to apply the spray like in this video:

I advocate the use of electrical contact cleaner on electronics. I have used it many times on bad pots etc, with great results. Not just on guitars, but amps, effects etc.
that said...
OMG there's so much fail there. Poor ibanez..
I would recommend to remove the part you're going to spray, but not to the point of having to resolder. Basically take the screw or nut off and let it dangle a bit.
Cover your guitar with a microfiber or whatever you use to clean it and put a paper towel behind your part to be sprayed. This is to prevent the contact cleaner from touching your finish. It may not damage the finish, but do you really wanna chance that?
While still wet, work the piece as you normally would while playing. I.e. Turn pots and flip switches. I would advice NOT to jam your selector switch back and forth as said redneck in video. You're just asking for a switch replacement, or worse...
If the contact cleaner helps, but problem is present still, rinse and repeat. If it did not help, you either have bad electronics or bad wiring. As previously said pots and switches are cheap. And if you have crappy electronics it's a chance to upgrade. Again, for cheap.
I guess it depends on how much you value your equipment.
And do not use WD40....
It doesn't evaporate. Use ELECTRICAL CONTACT CLEANER
haha use wd40 and you will have a very slimy guitar...that stuffs made to have things lubed for months.