Hey all,

I'm in a Rage Against the Machine-esque band and am looking a way to replicate Tom Morello's tone. I know he uses a 1987 or 1988 JCM800 2205 with mostly single coil-ish pickups for most stuff. I know it's about the crunch and he doesnt use a lot of gain. I'm wondering if there are any other recommendations for an alternative to a JCM800 2205? I know there are a few up on eBay and reverb but they're all over $1,000+ and I'm trying to avoid spending that if at all possible. Would be open to combo amp recommendations as well. Also, I know Morello uses pedals. These are for his solos. The main tone shaping comes from his use of single coil neck pickups and the JCM800. That said, do you guys have any recommendations? I've looked at a Peavey Windsor (I know they're modeled after the JCM800 2204/2203 but not 2205. Any advice from the gear sages would be appreciated!