Hi guys, I'm new in the forum and wanted to know about some opinions and experiences you've had when it comes to using the same bass amp with bass and guitar.
I ask because I'm thinking about buying a Laney RB4 for my bass and use it for other gigs with a guitar I hope to buy if budget allows..

What do you think? Do you have amp recommendations?
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You could use a modelling preamp and rely on the amp's neutrality.
12 or 10 inch speakers would be better than 15s, I'd say, though.
if you want a clean, neutral tone that lets the guitar really shine, a bass amp just can't be beat IMO. but pedals can't recreate the tones of a tube amp, so it just depends on what you want out of your guitar tone. i love the sound of a guitar through my trace elliots, though
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I've got a double neck with bass and guitar going down the same wire and it sounds ok through the bass amp. A Boss Overdrive pedal seems to help the guitar.
I'm not sure it's the path to achieving a trademark guitar hero sound though.
I think I will be aiming for a clean-ish tone nothing really distorted with the guitar. I currently have a Behringer MIC200 Tube ULTRAGAIN that I got from a friend so I guess I could try that out as well.
I use cabinets that were designed for bass for almost everything. They're actually more like PA cabinets with a single 15" LF, a 6.5" mids driver and a 1" tweeter. Out front I'm usually using a guitar modeler running into a solid state power amp (I have two cabinets, so it's about 1500W). I've also got a Bass modeler (it's a Pod Bass XT) that can run into the same solid state amp. Then I've also got a Carvin BX1500, which is a 1500W amp designed specifically for bass.

The trick, of course, is that the cabinets sound good with both guitar and bass.
I have a Traynor YBA 200-2 that works nicely for both. My dad playing a Les Paul through it into my SWR 810 sounded really good.
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On a smaller scale, I'm playing my Kramer through my Peavey bass amp and it sounds fantastic. Clean as a whistle, so if that isn't your thing, y'know... effects pedals will help.