can anyone give me ideas of rock songs with two guitars, preferably 1 playing riffs+potentialy a solo, 1 playing quite easy chords. I need to do a group performance in school for music where there isn't any section of just one playing for more than 4 bars (unless it's a solo). Also note that the person playing chords isn't very experienced so they's need to be quite easy. Thanks for the help!
Any specific genres? And even bands with single guitarists commonly uses overdubs, so you can just take any songs and have your friend mash out power chords over it and see if that sounds fine.

You can try Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Scorpions, Pearl Jam, Guns n Roses?
From what you describe, I would go with AC/DC. The inexperienced player should at least be able to handle the chords for Highway to Hell.
There are countless rock bands with two guitars, one lead and one rhythm. Too much choice! Any preference for style or genre?