Hi all!

Sooo this is my first post in there, I love it in there so I hope that you won't be too harsh on me, okay?

Okay. First of all, I'm a total newbie. I always loved acoustics, but guitar only came into my life during last Christmas, when my sister received one as a gift. Childs toy, really. However, I've had really much fun learning some basics and other fun stuff, and it actually made me fall in love with guitars in general.
As time passed by, I've started to hear better (I hope that I did), and those chords that gave me joy back then now are killing me, breaking my heart apart. Nothing sounds fine now, and I decided that it has to end.

The idea of buying a new guitar have been buzzing in my head for weeks now. I read through blogs, guitar shops, everything. And then I realised that good instruments cost money. For a student on really tight budget that would mean giving everything else up for only a decent-level guitar.
Now I don't want to sound like a total dreamer, but I've somehow caught the idea of rebuilding my old pink girl I played on before. And once again, I REALISE that I can't build anything close to those even below-decent guitars.

Okay, so the question is: would it be a totally brainless idea to buy some new strings, new bridge and perhaps some other stuff for a few $$$, or maybe I should give it a try? In result I want to get something I could use for my further development just for some time,as for now my old guitar can't even squeeze out some basic chords. I definitely plan to buy a real guitar,but for now I don't want to buy another cheapie.

I realise that this might be a worthless idea, so please don't hate on me too much And finally, I'd like to hear your ideas and suggestions as I haven't made up my mind yet, and anything wise is worth diamonds to me!

Thank you!!!
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Welcome to the forum.

In what way is the guitar less satisfying now than it was before?

Generally speaking, a good set up will make a guitar feel better and play easier, and I think that is the first thing any beginner should have done, regardless of the price of the guitar. Often, the geometry of a guitar deteriorates with age, and sometimes a set up won't fix it. A new set of strings can improve the tone, but anything beyond that is hit and miss and likely of marginal value, so major modding might be a labour of love, but I wouldn't expect too much in return.

You don't have to spend big $ to get decent guitar. Yamahas start at about $130 in the US, for example. Used can also be good value, but you need experience to choose one, the ones found in hock shops are often unplayable junk.
Does this thing have a brand name?
I work like a dog on old cheapies, I recently rebuilt a Gallotone "Champion". Luckily it had a bolt on neck so shims took care of most of it's problems. I'm guessing you don't have the know how or tools for a rebuild so the neck condition is the main concern, if it's bent or out of line you're kinda screwed. Does it have an adjustable truss rod?
As far as a bridge you shouldn't need to replace it unless it's plastic but higher quality saddle and nut can make a difference.