So I have been wanting to learn some metal songs from some of my favorite bands. Some times I'm required to go a certain tuning for example, in this case D, G, C, F, A, D. I'm not sure if the standard strings that come with my guitar would handle the tension. I was wondering what strings are recommended to play this type of stuff?

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That is just standard tuning a whole step down, so if the strings you currently use feel a bit too slack, go up a gauge. It wont harm the guitar in any way, but the nut slots might need widening and the action might need resetting.
Tony Done

If you haven't changed strings before, I'd suggest watching a load of videos, or taking it to a shop and asking to watch.

Other than that, maybe try an 11-49 set (Ernie ball Power Slinky or D'Addario EXL115).
My normal tunings are Standard, Drop-D (Low E String dropped a whole step), D Standard (The tuning you were referring to, every string dropped a whole step), and Drop C (Drop D another whole step down)
And I use Ernie Ball's Skinny Top Heavy Bottom. They work really well for all those tunings