I am looking to buy a new guitar but I am torn between these 2 for my budget (£400). What one would you pick and why?
I'm an ESP guy, that would never buy a LTD. Maybe I'm just snobby.
I had a PRS SE Tremonti, and I was somewhat impressed with it.
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Diatribesoh really? Why would you not buy am LTD?

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Maybe I'm just snobby.
I've played a number of Korean-made PRS SE's before, but not the newer Indo ones. Nor have I played the EC256, even though that's actually a fairly popular LTD.

I'd probably chalk those 2 guitars up as being comparable in quality to an Epiphone LP Standard as they're in the same price range.

I think the 256 and the SE are going to be really similar in quality as they're probably both made in the same factory by either Cort or Samick. I'm not 100% certain that's true, but it's very likely as the manufacture of PRS SE's and LTD's are contracted out, and the Cort and Samick factories manufacture guitars for a humungous number of brands. More than any other factories of their kind in the world. You can google those factories and you'll see why I think that's the case.
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Diatribes well yeah I saw that haha. I just meant in terms of build quality or something.

Going purely by aesthetics, it seems like you get a lot more bang for your buck with the PRS SE.
That said, I owned a Tremonti. I've never even picked up an ESP LTD.
please take what I say with a grain of salt.
I do know that higher end LTD's are supposedly pretty decent, with some of them MIJ at the same factory as the "real" ESP's
I would still never own any that didn't say "ESP" on the head. This includes the E-II's, for example.
Like I said, ESP snobby.