right to the point, the band im in right now has a dude in it whos talking shit about other members behind their backs. hes accusing one guy of some pretty shitty things that i don't wanna go into detail about and saying hes banging another guys girlfriend. the thing is the dude has a LOOOOONNNNGGGGGG record for talking shit going back as far as iv'e known him so i don't believe any of it. were currently talking about giving this guy the boot but we're having a couple of problems 1. some of us have to see the guy all the time anyway (we go to uni together) & 2. were just in the process of getting an ep down and booting out one of the guitar players midway through would probably mean starting again. any help with this whole shitshow would be greatly appreciated.
I think you're focusing on the wrong things tbh.
is the guy skilled and/or talented?
does he bring your music to the next level?
if so, then finish your EP before kicking him for his personality issues.
If he's just another warm body then kick him out ASAP, you shouldn't have to deal with people like that, especially if they have nothing special to offer you.
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k.lainadthe guy is a little better than me (the other guitar player) but doesn't really contribute to writing the music much, thats me and our bass player. all he does is play fast solos really.