I have a neighbour that has E-Ros acoustic guitar , he hasnt played it alot , the guitar stayed in his garage for maybe 4-5 years , i want to buy it but im not sure if the guitar is decent and if it produces good sound , because it only has 4 strings(its 6string guitar btw) , the guitar is exactly like this one
Anyone have experience with this kind of guitar?
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I did a bit of research on them. They are apparently Italian copies of the Italian make Eko.

It won't be worth a lot, and if it has been stored in a garage it could be in very poor condition due to temperature and humidity effects. If I didn't know much about guitar, I wouldn't be considering it.

Does it have a bolt-on neck? If it does, it might be possible to fix some of the potential problems the guitar might have, but again it would need an expereinced eye to check it over..
Yes i think it has bolt-on neck , the guy who has it isnt that much experienced in guitars , his son bought it from Italy i guess , i think that he is going to sell it to me for around 25 or 30 euros also im not sure if its worth that much..
30 euros would be a good price if it can be brought to playing condition for not too much money.

The action height on guitars can get very high over time so that they become virtually unplayable, and on most inexpensive guitars this cannot be fixed cost-effectively. However, if the neck is bolt-on, it might be possible to fix it simply by shimming the neck to increase its angle. Can you get a tech or expereinced guitar tinkerer to look it over before you buy it, and give you an estimate of how much work would be needed? As I noted before, something that has been stored in a garage for several years could have a lot more wrong with it than high action.