My goal is to hook up a guitar to my PC and play via GuitarRig or some other (open to suggestions) amp sim's for fun to play along with music. I don't ever plan on recording. From what I'm reading here, I think all I need is a USB Audio Interface and that's it right? Guitar, to Audio Interface, to PC, through amp sim, out to speakers?
I also won't be doing anything with a mic, so I think the Focusrite Scarlett Solo ($99 on Amazon) looks like it should work and has good reviews.

So is this all I need? Is latency still an issue these days?
Yup that's pretty much it. Out to speakers? which speakers? your PC's? Yuck! That unit uses RCA out jacks, meaning you could go out to a home entertainment or stereo system, Or with the use of an adaptor cord to your amp, So without knowing what you have in the way of gear, I'd say it will work fine for you, But then again not knowing what amp you have your PC speakers could be better. As to latency? Yea they all claim to be low or zero latency these days, In a perfect world that is, Lot depends on your PC, DAW buffering and a few other things, Its unbelievable how people buy these things without confirming the system requirements or thinking they will work well with buggy or virus infected free downloaded software, Then write crappy reviews because they cant get them to work right,
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If you're not going to record a simple Guitar to USB cable will do the trick.

I use Peavey ReValver for the computer.
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Quote by metalmingee
If you're not going to record a simple Guitar to USB cable will do the trick.

I use Peavey ReValver for the computer.

Down side with that is you cant line out to a decent sound system unless your PC is capable of doing so and even then your stuck with its sound card and latency issues, An interface is its own sound card and driver, I have mine lined out to a powered mixer and very nice monitors, All audio from my PC comes from there. Yea a bother having to turn on the mixer to listen to YouTube, but at least it sounds good and yes it can get really loud
You've pretty much got the right idea.

For more advice on kit & software etc, got to the Recording forum & read the stickies. Even though you don't plan to do any actual recording, the things you need are all the same.
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I have a pretty nice 1000w THX Surround Sound setup on my PC, so they aren't just your tiny 3w PC speakers. They're infinitely better than my cheapy Fender Bullet amp.

But I got the Focusrite in today and I can get GuitarRig to see the Input and Output levels, but can't get the output to go to my PC speakers just back to the Focusrite. I was hoping to play along with music. It looks like GuitarRig or the driver will only do the input and output to same device. I hooked up my junk amp with a guitar cable out from the Focusrite and it gives me the output audio from GR, but it sounds like crap (cheap amp)

I installed ASIO4all and messed around a bit and got the GR output through my surround sound setup and it sounds amazing other than the latency but then I get no PC/Spotify/etc audio.

So, if I can get some 1/4" headphones to plug into the Focusrite, will that give me the ability to listen/play with music in real-time?
You may need to go in and tweak your audio/speaker settings, Not sure about the Focusrite stuff, as I use the Avid stuff, Problem you could run into is your PC only giving you the option of one or the other audio driver, In which case you'll need to go from the interface to your surround sound system, Which is what is intended anyway, Meaning unplug it from your PC and plug it into your interface, Both the PC and interface will put out a line level signal, your audio system doesn't care where it comes from,
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