Hi all,

I just brought a brand new Focusrite Scarlett Solo home. Unfortunately I can't figure out why my guitar is only coming in through the right channel?

In logic pro x, my pans are dead center - sound only coming in through right headphone
moving them to left pan, no audio output

Im plugged directly in to the Guitar jack on the Scarlett. Also, if direct monitoring is off, I get no sound at all.
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There is something only allowing mono output. Look around the DAW and see if you can find it. If anything double the track and pan one hard right, another hard left.

Nothing is indicating mono output. Music plays just fine and listening to a separate project plays fine.
Also I can't pan hard left..nothing comes out
What is your input on the track selected as? Try setting the input to scarlett solo - right. I have the same thing with my iTrack, and I have to set the input to the right, as that is what the 1/4 inch jack seems to be set as.
Everything is set to stereo. It also plays in stereo when the "direct monitor" is set to on..but then I'm hearing the dry signal from my guitar.
Once I record a track and hard pan it left, there's no sound. What gives. Tried 2 guitars and 2 cables...

and even with only the right channel playing it's very sharp and frizzy sounding. Not a good tone at all. So far Im not a huge fan of the scarlett. My line 6 pod was plug and play and worked right out of the box.
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I am thinking that you somehow misconfigured the driver or Logic audio setup and paired L and R as one composite stereo, rather than two separate L and R.

If that doesn't do it, I think it might be time to contact Focusrite.
tonyd927 If it says "IN 1-2" and the little symbol to the left of it are two circles, that may be the issue. Click that symbol so it's just one circle like the image I posted above and then choose Input 2.

I hope that fixes it because that's the exact same issue I had when I first started using Logic!
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