So today I got my jvm410h and mr1960 cab. They were delivered me via a truck because of the size and weight. When the driver comes outside I say "hello" and he says nothing. Then he uses a pumpcart to bring the package on the elevator. When down he starts dragging the package with the pumpcart like it was a frigging box of logs. This guy didn't seem to be giving a flying f about the package. Then I sign the freight letter and he leaves, thank God.

Now as I had struggled with the package getting it inside the house and to my room I was finally done. The package was on a wooden pallet. Now when there was nothing on the pallet I noticed that a side of it (a plank) was noticeably broken. Could this mean that the package have fallen somewhere or somehow hit the pallet causing it to break? This bundle was expensive and I'd rather not have anything that's broken. I have used the amp and it seems to be working just fine but just really can't think of a harmless incident that caused the pallet to break.

And I'd rather not start a process of eternity sending this heavy bundle back to Germany. So what do you think might have happened and should I be worried?