Hello everyone,

I would like to ask you how should I learn some particular part of the song. I'm trying to learn Domination by Pantera, and it is my first solo. There is a part where Dimebag really quickly plays these frets on low E:
12 15 18
12 15 19

I wonder if I need to be able to stretch my fingers to keep my index finger at 12 while doing 15 and 18/19 ? Cause it is really tough and I think even impossible? On the other hand, if I hit 12, then release my index finger from that fret, when I need to come back and play 12 15 19 it takes some time. Won't it be too hard to play on original speed this part if I need to do those come backs? I guess being able to keep finger at that fret would be a big advantage. But is it possible to do that in such a big gaps between frets?