So I cant spend hundreds on pedals like I used to when I was single and childless and I really have no reason (according to my wife) to be buying guitar stuff because I no longer play in bands (sheds tear).

I bought a cheap distortion pedal from China, I mention this only because the travel could explain why it doesn't work. When I plug it in and turn it on I get no light and no sound when I turn it off I hear the clean guitar sound. If I switch the plugs I get no sound but the pedal light turns on. So then I switched the plugs back and tried inserting the plug from the guitar only partially in and the light comes on with no sound.

I opened it up and saw no cracked or burnt out soldering. It doesn't take batteries only power source and I have the correct power source. can provide pics or video if necessary.
Sounds like just a poor quality pedal. Why not return it since its new?
I'd return it too. Check out Joyo for some decent stuff on the cheap.
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I'm guessing it might not be economical to return it?
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