Poll: How well do you know your way around town?
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View poll results: How well do you know your way around town?
One detour and save me GPS
1 2%
I have a sense but need reassurance
7 16%
I know enough to avoid getting lost
18 40%
I know this town like the back of my hand
19 42%
Voters: 45.
I'm somewhere between the first and second option. I have a good sense of direction considering I've lived here my whole life, but really don't know a lot of street names or highways. Just how to get to the popular ones. So I always have my phone handy.

Plus downtown has some crazy street directions. People get confused there all the time.
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i live in a village on the outskirts of the town and i know it reasonably well considering i've only been here 2 years

the nearest city i don't know at all though
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Some parts I know really well.. Some parts I'd get totally lost in.
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my town or directions in general?

because my town is pretty much two streets.

I'm terrible otherwise. i know how to get places using specific routes after I've made the drive a few times. other than that i use a gps.

detours for road work always fuck my shit up.

like for the past 8 months this one bridge i cross to get over by where my family lives has been out. any other way to get there involves driving down 287, which i can't stand unless it's the middle of the night and no one's on the road, or the constant traffic and near accidents by going through the circle they've been doing construction on for over a year now.
well enough. it's a big city though and there are places I've never been before/in a while so I'll often use gps to check I'm going to the right place.

usually know generally where I am and can navigate to the main areas though. plus I've always been very good and retracing my steps and building a mental map, I usually quickly find my way through new cities while on holiday and such.

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I've gotten lost in my bathroom more times than I'd care to admit.
I know my way around the local area fine, but I don't pay much attention to road names so whenever someone mentions something on blah blah road I don't where they mean even if it's actually a road I'm familiar with.
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I would be more likely to get lost driving than walking. But I'm pretty aware of where things are in my neighborhood.
Just moved here two months ago but its a small college town surrounded by farms and its not too hard to figure things out

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my town? I know enough to avoid getting lost, most areas 5-10 miles near my house I know like the back of my hand.
my city? need a GPS most of the time, it's hard NOT getting lost in the city unless you've been living there for a few years.
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if we're talking about actual towns, the only problems I have are with the innumerable suburbs and connecting roads to other small towns, otherwise everything is reflex at this point.

I don't really live close enough to London proper to consider it 'where I live'.

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I have an atrocious sense of direction, but I'll be damned if I don't have a shit ton of confidence in where I'm going.

That said, in my borough I know myself around extremely well. In the old part of the city (and a good part of the district just north) I'm also pretty comfortable. Everywhere else, not so much.

EDIT: I don't live in my hometown, just to be clear. I know myself better around my current city.
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I know how to get around about half of Louisville, but the other half is completely foreign to me. It doesn't help that I grew up with a nice grid layout and outside of downtown, that doesn't exist here.
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Lived in the same city for 30 years but there are still large areas that I don't know at all.
no GPS and I know how to read an actual map. the city I grew up in I know my way around very well. where I am now is out tin the country but I know how to get to the surrounding towns etc reasonably well.
Like the back of my hand brother. I'm a natural navigator
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Don't know any of the streetnames. Can map my way from place to place very quickly. I just imagine moving through the streets at speed. It's like learning the fast route in a video game
47 years in the same town I know my way around pretty well.
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I work in 3 different towns and have lived in all of them. I know the two smaller towns very well, but my hometown is big so I don't know every single street, especially on the east side, but I know enough to never get lost.
I've been / walked to most corners of this town, but it's pr big and there are some areas I don't know. Could generally find a landmard and road that I recognise tho.
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I live in a really small suburb of a medium sized city. I'll be damned if I get lost in my town or any of the other suburbs but I'm generally okay in the city. I keep my Google maps handy on my phone just in case though. Can never be too sure.
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12 buildings and 2 streets. I get lost all the time.
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I know most of my city bar the east end because nobody goes there.
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