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Less than 10,000 people
9 14%
Between 10,000 and 50,000 people
4 6%
Between 50,000 and 100,000 people
3 5%
Between 100,000 and 500,000 people
14 22%
Between 500,000 and 1 million people
13 21%
1 to 2 millinon people
8 13%
2 to 3 million people
4 6%
3 to 4 million people
3 5%
More than 4 million people
5 8%
Voters: 63.
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Just google "_______________ metro population" and see what it says.

Mine is 697,856

I like the size of my city. It's large enough to have things to do, but not like a huge traffic nightmare


make sure to include "metro" or it won't really be accurate
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technically 14,000 people. but that's just limited to falls church itself. dc metro population is 6 million
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1,233 i think

or at least that's what wikipedia says. not sure if it's this metro number or not.
No lie, I was thinking of making this thread next.

It's not a quite town.
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No lie, I was thinking of making this thread next.

It's not a quite town.

Your metro pop is 2 mill+, so is mine but I put 1-2 mill because the actual population of the city itself is under 1 mill.
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2.657 million (90% of whom are expatriates).

Its population density isn't even across all areas. This is a bigger city than Tokyo, New York, and Seoul combined yet they have about 12 times the population. Somehow one mall here apparently gets more tourists a year than the entirety of NYC anyway.

From this info you can surmise all you need to know about this city.
852,886 of course that is not counting all of the illegal migrants
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Your metro pop is 2 mill+, so is mine but I put 1-2 mill because the actual population of the city itself is under 1 mill.

Yeah I may have missed the word "metro" in my search. >_>

This isn't the same thread I was thinking of making next, nvm.
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I dont live in a city. The nearest "village" has about 7 houses and a first school

So.. like.. 30-40?

EDIT: and my home in England, 987 according to Wiki
125,900 in my borough

That's a lot more than I thought there would be, but that includes all the surrounding villages as well as the town itself. My village is just under 10,000.
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deadass 20.2 million, my guy
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6 million but it's very spread out. The city itself has about 700,000. Even so, it's not a particularly dense place. I like this city but I would prefer it to be denser and/or bigger.
I put 500,000-1,000,000, but according to google, it's 1,788,000, because apparently the metro area bears no relation to what a sane person would consider the city
edit:I just found out the metropolitan area apparently includes parts of Ayrshire, where it's common to have barnyard animals on your Christmas card list.
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I googled what the entire city of Oxford was, and it's only 150,000. That surprised me, considering there are 2 universities here so something like...1/3 of that will be students too.

My hometown in London was only 11,000 though, but with London itself apparently 8.6 million lel.
Charlotte, NC. 2.3 mil for metro population. 792k for just the city pop
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583,632 per Dr. Google the demographer

i accidentally selected 100k-500k before looking up "[my city] metro population." The city population is a little under 200k.
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Tampa FL, 352,000 people.

Seems like a lot more though...maybe its just because I hate people and I want them all to leave

EDIT: Tampa Bay Metro area is 2.9 million...ok, so there's too many fucking people here. Kill half of them at least.
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I can't imagine living in a city of 5 million+. Denver is coming up on 3 and it's way too big for my taste
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5th U.S.

the overall population is over 2 million, according to a 2013 study.
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Hometown 13?million.

Town I'm currently living in about one and a half million. I like the slower pace of life combined with the fact it's still a big city.
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I don't live in a city, and the population is minuscule.
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currently like 50.. generally around 150000
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currently like 50.. generally around 150000

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San Diego's population is around 1.3 mil. The "metro are" is just over 3 mil, but I voted 1-2 mil because San Diego county is so spread out that the surrounding cities feel distinct
The total metro area: 1,269,702
City where I actually live: 36,803

The metro area where I grew up: 171,019
The city proper: 61,025
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my town has around 10,000

for reference, Ljubljana has 300,000 and it's our capital

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Going by the metropolitan area it's 440,000. But the city the metropolitan area is named after is 45 minutes away. The town whose zip code I have (I'm out in the woods) is like 1600.
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