Hey guys , i need you help , to do wiring diagram for me. I REALLY NEED YOUR HELP :'< !


This guitar belongs to my late grandfather. Brand Ibanez but i don't know what is this model.

This is the guitar and its wiring.

First - Calm Down.
Second - You don't need a switch, so calm down.
Third - Go to Seymour Duncans website and search for their schematics and find the one that matches your setup.
Fourth - Familiarize yourself with a soldering iron.
It doesn't need a switch .. it has only one pickup (humbucker). Just do a search: one humbucker, one volume and one tone potentiometer.. you should be able to find some useful diagrams that will work for you.. also need a good quality soldering iron and solder..
If you need more information. Just post the wiring diagram and ask if this is correct for you. I'm certain someone will point you in the right direction.

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Guys , i did not make it.

1st - I need to change a new potentiometer. What type of potentiometer should i buy ? I checked my potentiometer , 500K for volume and 50k for tone. is that true ?

2nd - I saw all the wiring setting in the internet (red ,black ,white)but why my humbucker only have 2 wire ? White and silver . As u can see below/in picture.

Should i buy a new humbucker?


Help ME !
This wiring is easy mode. You will get it if you stick it out. You can start with no pots at all. Just solder the white wire to the tip and the other bare wire to the sleeve of the out put jack. This should get you making noise right away. Make sure the two wires dont touch each other. It looks like they need to be seperated just a tiny bit more at the end of your pickup wire to make sure they dont touch and to make it easier to solder.

When you get around to putting the volume pot in, the white wire goes to either terminal of the pot and the middle terminal hooks to the tip of the jack(the springy long side) with a new wire. the bare wire(green in sd wiring diagrams) gets soldered to the case of the pot and then a wire also gets soldered to the case and then hooks the sleeve of the jack. Edit, the 3rd terminal of the volume pot gets soldered to the case of the pot along with the green wire. Idk why but sd says so.

A tone pot can be added any time after all that has been done. I would recommend a 500k just like the volume. Caps are tricky to identify, if you are lucky someone will give you one or give you a tone pot with the cap already soldered to it.

Oh and some where inside the cavity, there should be a wire coming from a hidden location under the metal bridge. That gets soldered to ground. If it is missing the guitar will often hum and buzz mysteriously.
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Wish i could but you have two wires, and the output jack has two terminals...its dirty but since everything is out of it anyway....the pickup leads wont be long enough so you can find some shielded guitar wiring wire and extend them or you can find some tiny wires somewhere and twist them onto the ends of the humbucker, tape them up and then solder them to the jack. It will likely hum and buzz if you do that and dont connect the bridge ground but that is the most simple crude settup there is. Shielded wire is necessary for good sound but it doesnt have to stop you from testing your pickup.
The cap goes with the tone pot. Without the cap you get the full blast of the pickup static and all. Not a bad thing but you will want one eventually. Then use the sd diagram you provided, its all there.
That diagram is confusing because it has 6 wires coming out of the pickup. You have two. Your white is sd's dark black and your bare is sd's green
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Thats why im so sad.. but if i buy a new cheap humbucker , will the sound same to other guitar that use humbucker too ?
Replace the volume, tone pot and output jack. The ones you currently have are all crusty and corroded.

You want 500K log (audio taper) pots for both the tone and volume controls. Jacks can be bought anywhere that does electronics but the best ones are Switchcraft jacks. You want the jack to be the mono type.

You may also want to buy a new 0.022uf cap, which are common on guitars with humbuckers. Anywhere that sells electronic components will have them. The dielectric type and voltage rating is not going to matter in a guitar application. Pretty much anything rated at 0.022uf will work perfectly fine.

Order some new wire too. 22AWG gauge will work perfectly fine and only costs a few cents. Anywhere that does electronics will sell it.

Here's a few links that'll give you an idea of what you want.


CTS and Bourns-branded pots are a bit nicer, but Alpha pots are cheap and get the job done. If you want Bourns or CTS, you may need to enlarge the holes in the guitar that the volume and tone pots pass through, because being USA parts, they use imperial sizing and not metric like the Alphas use. Alphas will probably drop right in without any problems. Be sure to select 500K and Logarithmic as the pots you want before ordering.




Here's the wiring diagram you'll need.

It looks like your pickup only uses 2 conductor wires and not 4. That's fine. The bare wire that doesn't have its own insulation will be the ground (called the Shield in that diagram). The white wire will be the pickup output (or hot) wire.

The hot wire from your pickup represents the 'North-start' in that diagram. Wire it the same way the diagram suggests. Ignore the North-finish, South-finish and South-start wires as your pickup does not have those.
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what is the different between A500K pot and B500K pot ?

One's audio and the other is linear taper.
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And well yes, I'll enjoy the carpal tunnel and tendonitis, because trying to get one is clearly smarter than any word you have spoken thus far.
thank you guys for helping me. i really happy right now... and the is other minor problem... the tone didn't work... :/ .. i follow all the instruction...
When you turn the tone potentiometer, it sweeps from high to low tone.. my quick tip is to check the original tone potentiometer and follow the way it is set... example: one of the 3rd contact is bent and touching (soldered to) the pot body.. the new potentiometer should look the same also.
I have Washburn guitars 'Maverick Series' and bass 'Bantam Series' and a few pedals and amps, but man I wish to have more patience and drive practicing my playing, if it's equal to the modding itch, then I'm golden.
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Awsome! You got it to work? But no tone control? And the tone doesnt act like another volume control? What cap did you use?
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Seems like this

T_T ...

The one in that picture is not the value that one would normally use.
It will work, but it will sound different.

See the number "102" on that one?
Thats the capacitor code.
You can translate that code to a value by using this web page : http://www.muzique.com/schem/caps.htm
Codes of "223" or "473", would be fine for you. "473" is what is called out for in this diagram you linked to : https://docs.google.com/gview?embedded=true&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.seymourduncan.com%2Fwp-content%2Fuploads%2F2016%2F05%2F1H_1V_1T.pdf

The capacitor you linked to is a ceramic capacitor.
Ceramic or Mylar are the most common types used.
But it really doesn't matter.
Some people complain that ceramic capacitors can be noisy, and to a point that is true, but only with really sensitive circuits.
For a guitar tone control, it doesn't make any difference at all.

Some people like these kind (Called "Tropical Fish. This type is highly sought after in the effects pedal world) :

Some people like these (Paper in oil, very old school style) :

Then you have these (Mylar film capacitors, the type pictured are referred to as "Greenies", and you will find them in guitars, amps, effects pedals and everywhere else, and probably your TV, coffee maker, and your dishwasher)

These and ceramic are probably found in about 90% of all new guitars sold these days.

(Then you have Mylar film, metal film, silver mica, and probably a zillion other film types)

But it really doesn't make any difference at all for a guitar tone control.
Edit i forgot the ground wire from the volume pot to its own case. Added that. Too late now but hope that didnt trip you up.
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