So I got sucked into a Reverb black hole last week, and ended up with two new children:

Teisco of indeterminate 60s vintage. Everything works, all original as near as I can tell. The trem arm is missing but honestly the godawful rusty screech from the springs when I messed with the tab it would attach to seems to indicate that's no loss. Neck is straight, no warps, and very comfortable in my hand. On/off switches for the pickups, the one for the bridge works completely, the one for the neck is kind of scratchy and could probably use some contact cleaner. Vol/vol/tone knobs, in great working order. This guitar has a really snappy, bright sound that's perfect for garagey/grungy/proto-punky kinds of stuff, not entirely unlike a Mustang. Some chips through to the wood, and a lot of checking, but honestly what else would you expect from a guitar like this? Mojo for days, I love it. Incredibly light, too.

A 2000 Ampeg AMG-1, in the original case (with purple velvet that almost exactly matches the top of the guitar). Another lightweight, feels awesome, I could play it all day. Duncan P-90s have just the right grit and clean up really well with the volume knob. I've always wanted something purple, and the finish on this is absolutely gorgeous. Possibly the most comfortable neck of any guitar I own, too; fits me like a glove, and worn to the point where it's just smooth all the way up and down. The dual-endpin concept doesn't really do much for me, but it doesn't get in the way either, so . I think this is gonna be my number-one all-rounder guitar. My Guitar Center had one of these last year and I didn't have the cash before it sold, but this one popped up on their website and I could grab it this time so obviously it was Fate.
Shame about the pick plate on the Teisco it won't be easy to replace, me likey the Ampeg

Conrats HNGD
"A well-wound coil is a well-wound coil regardless if it's wound with professional equipment, or if somebody's great-grandmother winds it to an old French recipe with Napoleon's modified coffee grinder and chops off the wire after a mile with an antique guillotine!"
- Bill Lawrence

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Thanks, mate, the swappable pickup but there's only like three options seems kind of gimmicky and definitely something I would never use (plus I find the cannel cut for that kind of ugly to boot), give me a nice solid P-90 pair any day.