You may or may not have noticed the name of the forum has changed. In line with the improvements that will be implemented soon, we have decided to change the name of the forum from Songwriting & Lyrics to Lyrics & Poetry. We feel this better represents what the forum was always designed for—original lyrics and all forms of poetry.

A new set of rules will be posted shortly detailing what is accepted in the forum and what is not, along with the changes. This will help quell the constant flow of threads that belong in other forums of UG, specifically those that contain non-original content and users looking for advice on songwriting. That is why we are removing the word "Songwriting" from the name.

We will also be removing the sub-forums entirely and combining all of their content into the main forum, though that will be done at a later date. This means that contests and the discussion of techniques will be allowed in the main forum, and in fact will be encouraged. Stickies will be created in time to support this change.

And to those interested, WotW (Writing of the Week) should hopefully return, as may WotM (Writer of the Month).

Until the new rules are written in full detail, here is a brief overview for all users to quickly read through. All changes are effective immediately:

- Poetry & Lyrics is a forum dedicated to original written word only. It is not a forum to discuss guitar techniques, tablature, or music.

- Your post must contain original content. You may post non-original content if you are looking for specific advice on a technique contained within, but it has to be regarding written word, not music. That means no YouTube videos or links to other streaming services.

- Do not post more than one piece per day.

- The title of the thread should only be the title of the piece or a specific request for help regarding a technique—again, this is just for written words, not music. Do not add 'C4C' or 'PLEASE' or unnecessary capital letters.

- Polls are not allowed.

- Criticism should be constructive. If you have an opinion on a piece or would like to help out, please be constructive and detailed with your response.

- Lyrics or poetry should not contain blatantly offensive material.

- If you are finding that other people are not critiquing or commenting on your work, try to find something of theirs and offer constructive criticism or a detailed opinion. Then politely request a return of the favour.