I have a vox bulldog distortion which i have used for home use only for ten years. I have only ever used the original batteries and a korg 9v psu i bought for it. A few weeks ago i turned it on but no sound was coming from it. The pedal lights up as normal and when on bypass i can hear the guitar but its very crackly. Guitar shop have looked at it and cant fix it . Dont know why because the tech has left the shop
The psu is marked as do not use as its kicking out 12v instead of 9v. Vox want loads of money just to look at it. Anybody got any idea what could be wrong and if the faulty psu has contributed to it packing up?
Thanks in advance.
Will Lane
Tried it with a different psu as did the shop. Same problem. I thought the tube too but dont know if the shop checked that bit . Cheers