Great sound & guitar playing ! What kind of gear do you have ? And did you write/record the backing track ?

I'd be glad to have your opinion on one of my latest songs too. If you ever find the time to do so, here's the link : https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1706834
Rock In Peace.
Thanks .I used a Digitech RP255 plugged into a laptop and recorded with Audacity. The guitar is an Epiphone Les Paul. The backing track I found on Youtube.
I like that guitar tone! Quite beefy, but I think you should cut back on the gain just a notch.
I like that melody/theme you got at 0:20.
When you improvise for so long as you do here try to vary the dynamics a bit more. Maybe put in som pauses too, just to keep it interesting. Because right now, it sounds quite the same after 0:40.
But good playing man, keep it up!

Wanna check out mine?
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