I do not mean screaming like in metal. Bands like expire, minor threat, verse and even title fight. I can get the sound I want but I run out of breath fast and can't hold out a note for very long. Any breathing techniques? Also after a while my throat gets tired. Any tips? Thanks
Just keep at it til you develop scar tissue and more endurance. It might help while you're getting used to it to dial back the intensity. You don't necessarily have to yell to the top of your lungs, especially when mic'd. Always breath from the stomach and not the chest. Drink warm teas(extremely optional, this is punk after all). It's basically just finding a way to yell loudly the way you would in an intense argument or when you're trying to say something to someone really far away from you, just trying to do so in a way that sounds cool to you. It's punk rock. Just go for it and whatever you do is good enough.
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