I'm looking into getting a telecaster and I've pretty much narrowed it down to these two.
In your experience what's the difference? How do they feel? and which do you like better?
I mostly play more relaxed punk/old emo vibe and my amp is an AC30VR if that makes any difference.
Well i've had the Baja in the past.It sounded great and it has more tonal options than the American std.However i did'nt like the chunky neck so much.
I'm happier now with my Am Std tbh.
Really depends on the individual guitar imo, I've played some Baja's that to me sounded/played better than an American Deluxe.

Both guitars have the same pickups iirc? So the main difference is if you want a more 'modern' tele then go for the Standard, but if you don't mind the soft v neck and want more tonal options go with the Baja as it has the S1 switch and a 4th pickup position
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I love my Baja tele, it's probably the guitar I use the most because it works great for me, for playing pretty much anything, but the early 1950s style soft V baseball bat neck profile is not for everyone. American standard has a bit more of a typical neck for a modern guitar, sort of medium thickness, with a more rounded back profile. I think anyone would be able to work with the american standard neck even if it's not to their specific preference but the Baja neck is chunky to such an extreme that some people who are used to thinner necks might find it almost unplayably uncomfortable - I think it's one of those things where there's not much middle ground, and you either love it or hate it. So it's worth trying one out if you can, just to see if you like it or not. For me, it was one of the main reasons I bought it!

I think there's also a version of the Baja with a rosewood fingerboard and a slimmer neck, but it may have been a limited run.
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