I got this as a wedding gift, and was told that it was an Eric Clapton Strat which makes sense for everything aside from the fact that it doesn't have his name on the headstock like the rest of them seem to...

It's got the tone mods with the mid control that the Clapton strats do, it's a US Strat, and it has the soft V neck... according to the serial number it was made in 2011-2012.

Can anyone help me figure out what this is? I'm trying to sell it, but don't know how to explain it...

Here's a link to a Utah site I'm trying to sell it on for pics.

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"It has a master tone knob and a knob that allows you to add or remove kids from your sound"

sorry had to laugh at kids instead of mids
closest I could find on fender's website was the american special


it has similar features, except a C shape neck instead of V, and the tone mod turns down the highs.

I wonder if "it's an eric clapton strat" just meant that it's similar to clapton's because of all the specs, and not that it's a signature model. that's the only explanation I can think of for why it doesn't have eric's signature on the headstock like the sig models do
JAHellraiser I put remove kids?! Well that's even more shocking to me why it wouldn't sell in Utah then... (; Oops.

The looks are close... Especially with the style headstock. I just can't figure out if it's been modded or what... It also appears to have a 12" radius. It's visibly flatter than my 9.5" Jazzmaster, so that's my guess.
Try adding more delay.
not a Clapton strat at all. big 70s style headstock alone tells you that. not a vintage series guitar either as it has a 22 fret neck. American special or perhaps a highway one but either way not worth $900
Big headstock, 1 ply, tone mod, four bolt neck, roller trees? Screams American Special to me.