So, i just got an Epi Thunderhorse, and i think the guitar looks awesome, sans the sad looking black 1 ply pickguard, so i was thinking of getting a new one done. My idea was to make my own design and then get it either printed on plexi and laser cut the shape (cause lasers are awesome). But im not sure how that will hold up, and i dont want the design getting scratched of really quickly. So another idea was to make an aluminium guard, also laser cut and then engraved with my design (obviusly, again with lasers). Would that work? Or would my pick get caught in the engravings on the plate and make the guitar play miserably?

Anyway, this is the design icame up with in a few minutes, im probably gonna change it. But this is kinda the direction im gonna go into.

Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
"Because Lasers Are Awesome" Perfect Logic I completely agree!

If I understand your problem 100%, you want a engrave pick-guard (awesome design by the way), but you don't want it to catch your pick or get scratched up?

Maybe you could make yourself 2 ply pick-guard, engrave the design onto the aluminum sheet, and then just cut out the actual shape and screw holes of the pick-guard on a piece of clear Plexi, without engraving the design, and put both on the guitar, the aluminum one under the clear Plexi one. That way the design can still be seen, but it has the Plexi protecting it so you don't have to worry about it getting scratched up or having your pick get caught in it.
Sure, but wont that make it really thick? I also want that look of brushed aluminium if i decide to go the metal way. One idea i also had was to put foil with my design onto plexi but on the inside (one of those inside glass stickers). That would probably work best, but again, i dont know how thick the plexi will be. And obivously i would have to improve the design, this will just look silly on a sticker.
Joža je kul. On ma sirove z dodatki pa hambije.
Another option you might want to consider is painting, engraving, whatever, the back of a piece of clear acrylic. I've made Supro-style lap steel fretboards painted like that. You can do the patterns by masking and using self-catalysing poly (not acrylic!) spraycan paint.