Hallo peeps.

I'm about to receive a geet that's less than immaculate.
It's nothing high end, kind of a beater.
I'd like to paint it, but don't wanna go "all out".
I am a painter by trade, 26 years.
But I deal almost exclusively with acrylic enamel in an airless sprayer.

I do not want to strip this geet. Nor do I wish to buy a cup gun for air assisted lacquer professional holy crap finish.
I don't have a clean air booth, nor the patients to apply multiple coats and wet sand for hours.

I'm not opposed to spray bombs.

Any and all positive advice is appreciated.

The problem we run into here in the States is all the hardware store rattle can stuff is complete crap due to the EPA and VOC laws, Especially here in CA. I've never had any luck getting it to dry properly, End run is to order from somewhere like Stewart McDonald's which is now considered specialty paint, Problem is its expensive and you need to be careful what you apply it over, As its Nitrocellulose Lacquer and it don't play nice with certain other finishes, as in will lift the old finish, Although most finishes on the Asian stuff today is a polyurethane which is pretty impervious to just about everything, Another thing I've recently became aware of is a paint bomb 3 stage system, which consists of a base coat and a two stage clear coat in some kind of fancy can that has its catalyst contained inside and you puncture before use, Aint tried it but I hear it dries hard as nails, And again not cheap. Personally I was an auto painter for many years so I have all the equipment needed for that holy crap finish, And guess what, That paint aint cheap either, So my end run as I still have connections in the trade is, Dude next time you have a black one in the booth shoot this for me, That's free, You they'd probably charge a couple of bucks just because, Its not like the gun doesn't already have paint in it and it only takes a few minutes to shoot, See where I'm going with this?
Yep I totally get it. And another case of I like how you think brother.
I got an "in" with Kiss's Custom Autobody in Newport. They did me a solid painting my RT Chargers spoiler when they were fixing a scratched drivers side.
That pearly black I got on my RT would look bad ass on my geet. I'll have to let them know about my sit, and have them buzz me next time they're shooting a color I like.
No way man. I'll etch the crap out of it but not into stripping, only strippers....
Maybe I'll just get some of my rubbing compound out and see if I can't get the existing paint to shine a bit. I'm pretty good at doing that with scratches on my Harley
I have a question along the same lines as this post so I may as well drop it here. I am also a painter by trade but I do use a spray gun and have a booth.

My question is how would a polyurethane enamel paint react with the wood of the instrument? I got an 82 Ibanez musician in a trade and its pretty beat up so I would like to refinish it.