Hi guys. I am building a custom guitar for a project and I am having trouble choosing the proper wood for the guitar. I have read extensively about this and have yet to find something useful. These are the stats for the guitar:

- Neck-through, 24 frets
- Maple neck, Ebony fretboard
- Floyd Rose Non-Fine Tuner Floating Trem
- Locking tuners
- Jackson RR-style
- 25" scale length

I had originally wanted to make the body hard ash, considering it has a harsh tone proper for distorted rock. However, I realized that it may provide too many high frequencies when partnered with the maple neck, so here I am searching for a good wood. If you think that hard ash may do the job just let me know.

I think I have given you guys enough info regarding the instrument. If you need any more info, just let me know. Thanks guys.
if it's neck-thru i'm not sure it's going to make a ton of difference, the neck wood (if wood even affects tone at all) will make the bigger difference, especially considering you have a trem on there.

i'm not saying i'd make the wings out of papier-mache but i'm not sure i'd try to get some difficult-to-source (or expensive) exotic wood if you can get something decent (say alder, mahogany or regular or swamp ash) more easily and more cheaply.

unless you're getting a seethru finish, in which case you might be willing to pay more for fancy figuring in the wood since it looks nice.
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It isn't going to make a difference what you use so long as its structurally sound.

Just use whatever looks pretty.
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