Hi all and i hope you re having a great day. This isnt my first thread as i ve posted a bunch of others about which amp should i get. Unfortunately i dindnt make a choice as none of these amps seemed to strike my interest. But finally, i made my final choice(s), Engl fireball 100 or Evh 5153 50? Im looking for an amp that can sound good at lower volumes as i ll be playing in my appartment most of the time , BUT , what i really want is to sound as possible to bullet for my valnetine and killswitch engae etc (i will use an OD of course too...), basically how to achieve that sound. I know that both of these bands use peavey 6505 and 5150 but i dont want any of these amps (and the reason is because i dont think they sound good at lower volumes). I ll post some youtube links so you can get an idea of what kind of tone im looking for (im pretty sure everybody knows what kind of tone im after but i ll post the links anyway ). So, thanks a lot guys , any feedback would be very much appreciated.

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I don't think the 5150 III or ENGL would sound any better at lower volumes. Honestly the 6505 with a boost in front, an EQ in the loop perhaps, good tubes, the right speaker is going to nail those sounds better than ANYTHING.

If you truly want a good low volume sound, better than what you get with the 6505, the only thing that might do it is a good modeler and monitor(s) or headphones.
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dementiacaptain Hmmm ok i see thanks for the feedback man, but what about 6505 mini head then along with, lets say, a maxon od808 ? Of course im not expecting these amps i mentioned to sound as good as they sound cranked, but do they really sound that bad at low volumes? Also, i ve seen a bunch of threads that say the engl and the evh sound very decent at low volumes. Moreover, i know a guy that sells his fireball insisting it sounds decent at low volumes. Howver i always liked the way 6505 sounds and the only reason i didnt consider it buying it was the one that i mentioned on my thread. Thanks again for your input man.
My 6505+ sounds amazing at low volumes, and through a 4 x 12 cab at that. Wherever you're getting your information is drastically flawed. That said, the EVH 5150 also sounds great at low volumes, but has a slightly different character to the tone; it's smoother and more refined. The peaveys are more aggressive and meaner sounding.
Yeah I mean they ALL sound better louder, but EVERYTHING sounds better louder, and that's just down to the way we perceive sounds. I don't have personally experience with the 6505 mini, but frankly I doubt it sounds significantly better than the regular one at low volume. Lower wattage does not instantly make an amp sound better at lower volume, despite the marketing from all these companies saying it does

Low wattage amps are nice for a number of reasons: they're typically smaller and lighter, they are cheaper to retube, and they're usually much cheaper compared to the big boys. Rarely have I found that they have superior sound at a low volume.
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On that album KSE used a Diezel VH4 I believe. Can't stand the tone in that album. On As Daylight Dies they used a SLO+Triple Rectifier and it sounds amazing.

Pretty sure BFMV uses 5150/6505's, but it could be anything really.

It might not particularly matter which head you get, listen to this video.

(Imo the Mark sounds the best here, but still very similar to the rest)

As long as it's a nice high gain head, it's more about the player, the cabs, speakers, mic, mic position, etc. While amps have different voicings and obviously do sound different, it's mostly a "feel" thing to me. And as that video shows, you can make a lot of amps sound extremely similar through the same setup.

I played a 6505+ 1x12 in Guitar center at very low volume and it sounded great. The low volume thing is blown out of proportion.

I'd vouch for the 5150 III though.
Here's how tight the 100w model sounds without any boost.

I'd imagine the 50w model would sound similar, if not pretty much the same.

Hope that helps.
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I'll be the one to ask...what's made you look at the ENGL and EVH over the 6505 in the first place?
Quote by JAHellraiser
I'll be the one to ask...what's made you look at the ENGL and EVH over the 6505 in the first place?

He mentioned that he thought they would sound better at lower volumes.

I honestly would go for the 5150 III, but not because of volume, and not necessarily to nail those sounds, just because I think it sounds the best. Of course that's subjective.
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It depends on how low volume you have to play all/most of the time. Can you get by at very loud talking, just beginning to shout volumes? If so get an amp if you feel like you will be using it outside of the apartment at any point.

If not, I'd save a ton of $ at this point and get Peavey ReValver (6505, 6505+, ENGL PowerBall, Savage, Invader, Mesa Dual Rec) for the Computer with an Instrument to USB interface (anything from a $30 cable to a $100+ interface) and a nice set of Monitoring headphones and/or speakers.

From my usage at very low volumes modeling does a better job and I use a cheap instrument to USB cable.

If you want to spend more money look at the AmpliFIRE - this can be hooked directly to the PA or a POD HD500X (same to the PA).
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IgniteThanks for the feedback man i appreciate it. From all the amps that Ola demonstrated i think the satan and evh sounded the best which is again confirmed by misha playing his in the second video, although it is the 100w model but i assume the 50w one is somewhat similar.
metalmingee Well tbh , i dont think i ll ever raise the volume past 2-3 (?) ( i ve never had any experience with tube amps so im assuming this isnt too loud to the point of your next door neighbours calling the cops :p ). I ve considered buying a kemper but im not sure how many extras will i need along wth the power rack, plus i dont think i ll be using it to its full potential (being able to profile actuall amps). Unfortunatelly an axe fx is extremely expensive in europe so this one is out of the question. Btw thanks for the feedback
bottom line with tube amps is they do sound better louder. if you have to play at such low volumes then you have to compromise a bit or get a multi-fx with a headphone jack. now the one thing that many do with amps is they set it up at a loud volume and then turn it down with no adjustments. when it doesn't sound the same you hear the "oh it has to be loud" thing. different volumes often accentuate different frequencies so if you change the volume the dynamics change. I pay my VK at home all the time and can get a good sound. granted I'm not trying for the crazy bass of modern metal though. bass does suffer some at lower volumes and that is just part of the deal.