Looking to form an online metal band to write originals, do covers. I play guitar, and can program bass and drums.

Metal is a general term, and could lead to melodeath, black. I'm pretty flexible when it comes to genres.

Being able to record on your own is a must. Doesnt have to be perfect, we can work out the kinks of recording together. A bass player to write with would be nice, but so are other guitarists.

Hoping to hear from...anyone. Drop me a pm if your interested. Tabs or recordings to show you can play are nice, but by no means a requirement.
Stealthroach hey! i can do vocals if you are looking for a vocalist as well. email me and we can figure something out =) . i can send a few recordings of what ive done if you want! wkatz@kentlaw.iit.edu
I'm keen to do guitars and bass, as well as drum programming.
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