Nice track! The only thought I had was that maybe it's a little over-compressed. The volume is definitely very "in your face" (which may be what you were going for). I didn't hear any pumping or anything like that, but I just thought the mix might benefit from a little more dynamics. It might help to bring the vocals up in the mix a hair as well. Overall, nice work -- it's a very aggressive and powerful tune. I think you've critiqued some of my songs before -- I've got a few new ones in the works. Stay tuned
Atmospheric dark metal w/ black and death metal influences:
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Pestilential Flood
Thank you for the critique!

Yeah, there is not much dynamics to this song (far from it) and the guitars are mixed really loud, vocals are distorted on purpose and there is the use of reverb to enhance the noisiness further. Basically, the idea was to achieve a very, very aggressive, loud and raw feeling. I was very inspired by Nails, Gadget, Disfear and bands like that when I wrote this song. Will look into the compression, but suspect that the song dynamics (lack of) contributes to that feel of high compression. To my recollection compression is mostly present on the kick, snare, bass guitar and vocals. The master had some limiting but but not that much really (3-4 db gain reduction).

Looking forward to hearing the new stuff from you!