I am not the enemy
I'm the one that you elected
I speak your tongue and I can see
The pain you feel when you're neglected

Finally my time is here
Can you feel it, drawing near

I am not the enemy

This in fact my second coming
Did me good yet I'm alive
Must confess I've really missed you
Since I left back in forty-five

Can you sense me, I am near
I smell your breath, the breath of fear

I'm the answer to your prayers
I trust you see what you have done
Given a child a loaded gun

I am not the enemy

(c)2016 Suffer the Consequence

Congradufuckinglations ha I like the word graphting that's interesting
Wise man once said, " If you ever get lost in the woods, just start jacking off someone will see you."
Am i allowef to yse these lyrics for my bands first song? (Sorry for the bump, but its important)