So I have a PRS se standard 22. I've been wondering is there a specific set of strings I can have that I can change between Standard, Eb, and Drop D? I know certain strings are better for certain tunings but I want to likely change tunings a lot on my guitar. It has a 25 scale length. Thanks.
I would have thought 10-52 if you want to use some drop tunings. I suppose you could use a 9 gauge set if you're only doing occasional drop tunings, but 9's feel a bit slack if you plan to use drop tuning often or all the time.
V3n0m777 I'll play Standard, Eb, and drop d about evenly do you think 10-52 would work well on all of those? I don't know a whole lot about strings gauges.
SectricYes, I think it would work fine. I used to use 10-52 and drop tune as low as B and still felt fine to play. The higher string gauge may feel a little harder to bend strings in standard tuning, but its not really tough.
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V3n0m777 alright because I want to play songs mainly in those three tunings and I know its better to have a guitar for each but I'm just starting and I was worried ill have to get a different gauge for each tuning.