OK, so I have now got all my Rockabilly band off the ground and am well happy with all my gear, Ive got the Aspen green Gretsch G5420, a Fender Blues Deluxe amp, Boss delay and trem pedals and I love my sound. Problem is I have a really REALLY bad back after spinal surgery and shifting the amp from upstairs at home to the car, to practise rooms back to car and back upstairs is killing me so can anyone recommend a reasonably priced practise amp, maybe about 15W that I can use just for taking to practises but that I will still get a decent sound out of for the Rockabilly genre please?

Any help or advice would be bloody awesome thanks.
A Blues Junior, maybe?

What kind of budget are we talking about? Reasonably priced is too broad.
Do you have a PA for the vocals that you can plug into? If so check out the AmpliFIRE. It may do what you need and it fits in the pocket of a gig bag.
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