Hi UG,

The power tubes in my triple xxx 2 has finally gave out and I'm in search for new tubes. The old tubes were sovteks and is the only brand I have tried for power

tubes so. I have done extensive research and on a comparison chart for 6l6, the kt66 caught my attention. questions is, can the KT66 handle the triple xxx 2 with

very little to no problem at all? This amp has a very high voltage and wattage with extreme amount of gain. Also, there's a switch to choose between "6l6gc" and

"EL34" but no kt66. Are KT66 similar to as the 6l6gc? I am willing to spend extra money for the future tubes to not die from the extremity from the amp.

Thanks and best regards~
Typically JJ tubes are a good match in Peavey amps.

The KT66 may not physically fit in your amp. The XXX II is the same as the JSX - just relabeled after Satriani left.

Check this out - https://www.eurotubes.com/store/pc/tube%20substitutions.htm
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JSX are EL34, but yeah.

just throw some JJ's in there. i don't think KT66's will fit. i have some sitting around if i get to it i will see if they would physically fit.
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"Q: I have a guitar amp that uses 6L6 power tubes, and I would like to try KT-66 and 5881 power tubes to hear what difference it makes in tone and volume. Can I do this?

A: We do not recommend that you try this sort of thing unless you are positive you know what you are doing. We are not responsible for damage to your amp or tubes that may result!

First, the easy part: you amp’s warranty will likely be voided by such a swap. If damage results, you are on your own for fixing it.

Second, another easy part: These are all octal power tubes, so from a pin/tube socket standpoint they are compatible. However, KT66s are physically larger and may not fit in your amp if space is limited.

Now, from an electrical standpoint: These tubes can all be considered variants in the 6L6 family — there are many more as well, including a number of 6L6 variaties. The big question is how much plate voltage your amp runs and how much plate voltage the tube in question can handle. 5581 tubes, for example, usually have a lower plate voltage tolerance than 6L6 tubes. In many cases, 6L6s can be safely substituted for 5881s, but not vice versa. In a few cases, where the plate voltage tolerance is high enough, 5881s can be used in amps designed for 6L6s. There can still be other technical issues to deal with such as bias settings, bias resistor values, power transformer issues, and more.

Our advice: before you try such a swap, talk to the manufacturer of your amp and of the tubes you intend to use or consult with a qualified amp technician who can verify that the combination you want to try is viable."

That about sums it up.

Quoted from: http://www.sweetwater.com/insync/can-i-swap-5881-or-kt66-power-tubes-in-place-of-6l6-power-tubes/
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