A quiet blues / jazz improv.

Let me know what you think and leave a link where I can check your stuff out.
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Nice guitar tone you got there. Is it nylon strings? Like the delay as well, fits the mood of the improv well
Good increase in intensity with a bit more drive on the guitar at 1:44. Nice playing, but it gets a bit repetive after a while though.
Nice change at 3:40. I think maybe a easy and jazzy drum track would have made this improv a bit more interesting.
I like the part at 4:50 as well.

Wanna check out mine?
Thanks again for the feedback on my track.

First off I'd just like to start by saying this is beautiful.
The tender rhythm track is the perfect background for that lead.
I wasn't sure about the delay effect on the lead from the start, but it grew on me pretty quickly.
The transition around 3:40 is to die for, it feels reserved in just the right way; like it could break out at any moment, but lingers just on the precipice of doing so.

As far as omissions or modifications, I wouldn't dare to suggest any.
All I could think to add to it would be some bass and light drum work to give that slightest level of extra dimension, but all in all I think it is a fantastic piece as is.