The maximum I would want to pay would be 300 dollars. I mostly play metal and rock. I was thinking about buying the micro dark terror and I would have to buy a cabinet as well. Could you guys suggest some? I don't know if my location matter but im est USA.
how quietly do you have to play?
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I'd suggest a combo, for a cab to stay in that budget would have a cheap speaker/build and wouldn't do the head justice (Just my guess. Maybe a used cab and speaker can be found but then installation prices added on to it makes it tricky).

Peavey: First suggestion is The Ultra 112. Also Used Valveking combos (any generation should do. Either 20W, 50w, 100w depending on your situation, though the older models can be found more frequently under the price.) or Vypr Tube 60s (might need to make sure it comes with a sanpera foot controller).

Jet City 50w combos can be found used at that price.
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I've looked at Jet City, and liked. If I was a "head guy" I'd go that route. Or Mesa-Boogie. Yeah, probably the Mesa. But I liked what I saw with JC!
valvekings are cheap and passable. i am doing extensive mods to one i picked up recently
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