On my LP Junior-style guitar I can set the action pretty low just by screwing the studs down on the wraparound bridge. However, the G-string always seems too high in comparison to the other strings. I'd like to lower it slightly by filing down its slot in the bridge. Does anyone know what would be the best tool to use for doing this? Preferably something I might already have or can buy cheap (i.e. not from Stewmac, etc).
They're never going to intonate 100% perfectly. Before attacking the nut, i'd look into a wraparound with adjustable saddles, I have one on my Jr. style guitar and it helped immensely.
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Thanks for the reply but my question was about filing down an individual saddle on the bridge, rather than doing anything with the nut. A wraparound bridge with adjustable intonation AND individual string height would be ideal, but I'm not sure if such a thing exists.
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An ordinary triangular needle file would do it, but are you sure you want to? Those bridges are designed with a curve that follows the radius of the board, so I'm wondering why you think that the G-string is too high. A potential fault is that many of those bridges were designed for a wound 2nd string and won't intonate well with a plain 3rd.

here's an example of one for a wound 3rd:


And this is for a plain 3rd:

Thanks very much for the info. Having checked those images my bridge is of the plain 3rd variety (and I use a plain 3rd). The string just seems too high to me, even taking into consideration the curve design. At the 12th fret the action is higher on the 3rd string than it is on the 4th. I think I'll try and file down the slot and see how it goes. It's only a cheapo guitar so I can easily replace the bridge if it doesn't turn out well.
Update: I've filed down the string slot on the bridge and the height is just as I wanted it now. Intonation still seems fine so I'm pleased with the result.