Stupid question; new purchase.

2x12 cab has two inputs (jim root 2x12)

I got a micro dark terror and a traynor 100W amp head

Id only use one at a time, but wonder if i can hook one amp into one of the inputs of the cab and the other amp into the other input of the cab?

What's the purpose of the two inputs of the cab? does it matter which one i use, can i connect two amps (only using one at a time)
Being a 2X12 I'd say it's more than likely a mono cab, with a cab extension jack.
Unless it says "stereo" the second jack is probably for an extension cab. I wouldn't try plugging a second amp into that second jack...?
If you're really unsure, and have to know, pop the back panel and look at the wiring harness.
If it's stereo then each speaker would be wired to its own independent jack.
Or even easier, does sound come from all speakers, when one jack is used with one amp? If so, it is NOT wired for stereo.
You could probably snip a couple wires and make it stereo. I did that by sniping the jumpers from one jack to another on my 4X12 Butcher. Voila instant stereo cab.
The Orange Jim Root 2x12 Cab is NOT a stereo cab. So, do NOT plug two amps into it. That will absolutely destroy it, and possibly the amps, too. The second jack is to be used for chaining to another cab, and might also be a different impedance, so you have options for running different heads. But NOT two heads at the same time.
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