I am wondering... I have a Retina Macbook Pro mid-2012 15" model with 2.3 i7 quad-core CPU and I want to change it with a mid-2014 dual core i5 CPU 13" + a monitor. Now the performance of the cpu will decrease significantly but I want a smaller laptop to have much portability.

My question is: It's a 13" model with i5 dual-core able to run Logic Pro X ? I can use max 30-35 tracks with synths, guitars, drums and vocals. It's a 13" macbook powerfull enough for this?

Is anyone recording/mixing/mastering on a 13" macbook pro retina ?

andreyush check with the software manufacturer, they usually post system requirements.
I did for years use a 12 inch iBook and the small screen was an annoyance. Now my 15 inch laptop doxks to a 25 inch external monitor when I mix as even 15 inch is hard to get around. I prefer dual screen for mixing, one side for editing and the other for mixer moves.

The i7 would be the better processor but check what the hardware requirements are as Logic continuously snub their own older Apple OSes and hardware.
Hmm..I will take a look but I don't think those specifications are so "specific" xD
You should be fine with that. I'm running The latest version of Logic on mid 2010 MacBook Pro with a dual core 2.8 ghz processor and I've had no issues. Granted I don't use Logic a lot, I got it primarily to work with some of my friend's projects, but his were getting up to that 30-35 track count. I would say the main thing would be to max out your memory as that will make the difference when it comes to running a lot of plugins.
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Should be fine, I'd just be hesitant to move to a smaller screen. Tracking/mixing on a 15" screen is difficult enough...
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