Ok, several years ago (god... eons really) I purchased the Behringer V-AMPIRE LX1200H, and a matching Behringer BG412S ULTRA STACK (a stereo 4x12)...

I've enjoyed this head for years, but mainly for it's auxiliary input. I can run my Scarlett 2i4 through it and get a hella lot better sounds via various programs on my PC (including Overloud's TH3)... the problem I'm having though is now the volume pot is loosing the right channel.

By loosing the right channel, I mean not that it's scratchy per say, like you can knock the knob about a little and it pops or jumps the volume or anything... more like if you leave it set put, it wants to sound like it's crackly and wanting to go out completely... to get it to come back to normal I have to jack the volumes to max on all levels in the pc, then play with the volume knob to get it to finally BOOM back into usability. Now, if I use normal volumes, the volume knob twisting does nothing but increase/decrease the volume of the crackling signal, but it never ever goes back to normal... which is what makes me wonder if it's even a scratchy pot so to speak, but a pot about to die, or hell... it could have a bad solder joint and about to break in there? dunno, it's a circuit board I'd bet so ... yea uhm... either way:

Now normally I know to use contact cleaner on a pot, but something I heard years ago makes me wonder if it's even worth taking her apart. I had heard that the master volume pot is an enclosed system, that even if you take that apart is digital in nature somehow?

Anyone with an LX1200H that's taken it apart before able to conform or dispute this claim before I do any rummaging about inside this old gal?

If it's fixable via contact cleaner, then I'd love to do so... but you know, best to check first and all that lot.

If the fix for this is too much I'm also open to purchasing an alternative solution to getting from my Scarlett 2i4 (Focusrite), to the seperate 1/4 inch inputs on my Behringer BG412S Ultrastack (left and right inputs). 400W handling @ 8 ohms 4x12 Jensing speakers.
Here's a link to the cab: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/amplifiers-effects/behringer-ultrastack-bg412s-4x12-stereo-cab-with-jensen-speakers#productDetail

Behringer LX1200H's Master Volume pot's right channel is crackeling, but needs major signal increases + playing with the knob to fix; normal signal volume plus playing with knob does nothing. Any fixes? Also, suggested replacements for going from Focusrite scarlet 2i4 to Behringer BG412S stereo cab: 400W handling @ 8 ohms 4x12 Jensing speakers.


My cab is:
2 x 8 - 12 ohms for stereo mode.
2 x 200 watts for stereo mode
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If you want to keep the amp working, you will have to dig into the amp sometime so I would say go ahead and do it (carefully, and do not touch any the internals especially with the amp on and plugged in) and see if you can locate that MV pot. Spray some contact cleaner, turn the knob through its travel, spray another dose, then try the amp again.

The V-Amp stuff is nothing I would want to be attached to, so I would not really bother replacing the pot if the contact cleaner does not work. If you wanted to though, you could easily find the right value for the pot just by looking at the one that is already in there. Although given the nature of the amp, I doubt it will be easy to work on (or worth it at all)...

About your setup: You are running your guitar directly into the Focusrite, going through amp sims, taking that output signal into the Aux In of the V-Amp, into the cab? Your V-Amp is just acting as a power amp, then, so all you need is a power amp that matches your cab. 400w output @ 8 ohms then. You say it is a stereo cab (left and right are separate or can be separated) so make sure you know exactly what each side takes and get a power amp to match. However, unless you are using stereo effects/stereo (dual) amp setup, I do not see the value in having two separate outputs for the speakers.

Really though, if your amp sims are utilizing speaker simulation, and you are running that signal back through a set of actual guitar speakers, methinks your tone is seriously hindered. Going through 2 guitar speaker responses is not a common tactic at all, although there are no "rules" here- just suggestions. Really I think you would be better off ditching the Cab along with the V-Amp, and getting a proper FRFR monitoring setup, and using just the sims from your software. Or another option, get a better guitar amp altogether and forgo software.
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even if you can get to the pot, it may be really hard to find one. a lot of times on cheap amps they are board mounted and are impossible to find.
I don't mind replacing it with something else if I must, or just replacing the unit. So a power amp is all it's really acting as then? I'm guessing it wouldn't matter if it's SS or Valve/Tube? I'm on a budget but can look into saving if needed... I'd say something around 200 to 400 USD is the range approx?

My setup is thus:

guitar>Focusrite>out to the PC and software> the back to the focusright ( gotta love usb for that in and out being one cable)> Aux input on V-amp>stereo output from V-Amp> individual left and right inputs on cab.

I use stereo mainly due to the tone of dual amp setups being best if individually output through their own speaker(s) and not combined before speakers... though I can make do in a pinch if I have to with mono speaker output and combining them at the program level.

Link to Specs on cab

Link to 2i4 specs, all the way at the bottom

Right now I use the left/right phono outputs and use a Y split to bring them together for the stereo 1/4" Aux input.
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I would replace the unit.
on second thought, why aren't you just running studio monitors? that is what I run with my 2i4.
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I already have that in the stereo cab...

that isn't a good reference for tone, guitar speakers are no where near flat response like monitors are. if you are mixing, guitar speakers will do you no favors.
I'm not mixing lol. Just good old fashioned hobby practice. I use the pc to get the various tones I'm after, and use the cab to relay that back in "real time" ...

basically my pc is my amp so to speak, and then the rest is used these days to let me hear it back more properly.
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True that it's not the same flat response that proper monitors would get me... Trust me, had I the room I would have bought them ages ago. I barely have the room at all for my tiny little logitech 5.1 satellites... That's the biggest reason (other than the quid), that I didn't go with that option... plus I already have the cab. Been loving the tone I get with it for ages now...

So I'm thinking the power amp route is a great option, how much would a 2x60 watt 8 olm run me I wonder... been searching but haven't had any luck... they all are like pro level 1000 watt, 6000 watt varieties for rack mounts n such at concerts lol.

Then again... I wonder if it would be cheaper to go with the montiors and just find some REALLY good, but small ones that aren't expensive as hell...(small here being more around what the small computer speakers would be (like the Logitech 5.1 computer speakers type)

And as for why I don't just use my computer speakers... I like to use other programs at the same time that I run my ASIO based program(s) (i.e. TH3 by Overloud), so if I try to say run TH3, I will only hear that and won't get to hear say Guitar Pro 6's tabs playing through the practice loop. (if anyone has a way to fix this let me know, well a free way that is)

Also, I've updated my cab's specs up top direct from the manual.
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