I'll try and keep this short. I play guitar mainly and a couple of other instruments. I've written plenty of music and I'd love to get into recording it. Primarily making prog rock/metal but I'm trying not to limit myself through genres and just write what I really like. I've done my research and it seems that the SM57 is pretty much the mic to get if I want to mic anything up, my thing is the interface. I've taken a look at many, presonus and focusrite primarily, and it seems the the scarlett series of focusrite is the best choice for a beginner to recording such as myself. The thing is, I've heard problems from 1st gen focusrite models such as a lot of clipping when the guitar is plugged in directly. I hear that gen 2 models resolve that issue a bit but I've also heard that they still clip. The three that I've looked at the most are the Solo, the 2i2, 2i4, and presonus audiobox usb. Of those four which would be my best choice? and if not any what other interfaces would be recommended? I'm not on a strict budget but I do play many other instruments that I have to maintain such as buying cane for makes reeds for basson, guitar strings, etc. etc. so I'd rather spend less.
And part two. At the moment I have a few offers. These are all working models and I trust my friends on this.

Scarlett solo 2nd gen for 60 bucks
Scarlett 2i2 1st Gen for 60 bucks
or Scarlett 2i4 1st gen, new in box never been used for 100 bucks.

Of those three the 2i4 seems like the best option to me because it has pads so I wont clip and I can expand a bit more, but it is a first gen model.

I'd love to start recording as soon as possible so I'm already thinking of getting that 2i4 from my friend. Any thoughts though?
I'd suggest the 2i4. If the built-in pads are not enough (I doubt it) you can always get outboard pads/direct box. You will probably want to get a proper condenser as well, for instruments like acoustic guitar, that bassoon, bowed strings, cymbals, etc. For just micing guitar cabs the SM57 is fine though.
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Will Lane Thanks for the response! Let's say you were offered a 2i2 2nd gen for 100 and a 2i4 1st gen for the same price. would you still say the 2i4?
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diabolical Yeah you're pretty much right lol. My only other concern is which takes up more CPU usage but I guess I'll do my research