This is a little guitar the local library rents out to kids. The first person who checked it out apperently broke it and i want to fix it for them. It has a plastic body and a wooden neck. The neck cracked where it joins the body and if i could just get some glue in the crack the neck might not fall off completely. I just cant deside what glue will hold wood to plastic. Its a slick vinyl looking plastic too. Any help or experience would be much appreciated.
If you really, really don't want it to ever, ever come apart, here's the answer: 60 Minute Epoxy.

It will take 24 hours to fully set, but once it's in place, it's not coming apart. I've been using it to attach wooden/plastic/celluloid handles to steel knife tangs, and the stuff just plain doesn't come apart. Ever.
Thanks for the tips. I dont have any pics. Sorry! Yes ive tried jb weld exoxy before to glue plastic replacement jacks to metal stomp boxes and it fails to adhere to the plastic. I will look into the 60 minute epoxy. Sounds promising. A mechanical fix would be great but the guitar is way too small to fit a drill inside the body. My first thought was super glue since it is very liquidy. I could inject it into the crack where the neck has come loose from its little plastic cavity. Thankfully the fretboard has not come loose from the top yet.

I was thinking in terms of a screw or two from the heel into the body, but it would depend on how the neck block looked. The screw holes could be disguised with dowel, plastic wood etc. Here's a pic of a rough neck angle adjustment I did. As it turned out, I didn't need the screw, so I just left the hole looking tidy.

Ok i was thinking, mechanical fix, a screw from the inside into the neck. That looks pretty tidy. I would have to use a nut and bolt because i dont trust the threads of a screw to hold in the plastic
geo-rage FWIW, Ovation uses bolt on necks in obviously the same circumstances as you. (Wood necks to plastic bodies. The only adhesive that wouldd MOST LIKELY work, is a "crazy glue" (CyA) type of adhesive. However, there a lot of issues using it for that application including, gap width, and cure time, which would be rather long, given the amount of glue you would need to dump into the joint.

Going back to Ovation, a large land is cast into the bowl, and the bolts go forward into the neck. I believe "blind nuts" are set into the heel, but I'm not certain.

Going back to Tony's suggestion, you certainly couldn't run bolts from the neck into the plastic bowl, even if it were reinforced at the neck joint.

You would have to make a "sandwich", with wood inside the bowl behind the neck joint, and then screw from the neck into that. It's the only way that would work. (Working from the inside out, might be difficult to impossible, simply based on the size of the tools and your hands, biased against the size of the sound hole). The Ovation assembly is easy, and only requires a ratchet wrench to install the neck, as everything is done before the top is affixed.

My best guess is that the guitar's bowl is already reinforced behind the neck joint, as flex and string tension, (I would think), would crack the bowl in a matter of days.
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geo-rageMy best guess is that the guitar's bowl is already reinforced behind the neck joint, as flex and string tension, (I would think), would crack the bowl in a matter of days.
no it's not reinforced and it did crack in a matter of days. I will keep in mind reinforcing the inside of thr bowl if it comes the that.