Hi everyone,

Im new to the forum and guitar (two weeks) Im just learning the basics at the moment and happy with my progress. Realising now how much goes into playing ;p and happy to take it one step at a time
Looking at songs I love on youtube and being from Australia used to go to John Farnham Concerts. His lead guitarist seems to be very talented I now realise.

Can anyone tell me what this style is called

i also love the sounds you can get from a whammy bar, but was discouraged by salesman as a beginner to start with the basics. Is this correct. Love what he does in this
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Yeah the salesman is right - you've got to learn to play the thing before you can worry about doing fancy bits to embellish your playing. The whammy bar is simply a way to manipulate notes you've played - so you've got to know how to play notes before you can worry about manipulating them. It's not really a style as such, it's just flashy, contemporary lead guitar work.

Likewise it's easy to work on a single whammy trick in isolation, but you'll find it a lot harder when it comes to actively incorporating that into a solo without having to stop and re-adjust which is going to sound awful. The more comfortable and fluid your all-round playing is the easier it becomes to incorporate stuff like this, but even then it still takes time to be able to transition seamlessly.

Concentrate on the basics for the time being, bust out a few AC/DC songs and stuff like that. Once you've got a couple of solos under your belt that you can nail consistently maybe start taking a closer look at your tremolo.
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