Completely new to recording. I've been meaning to get into it as I write a lot of my own songs, I've just been looking for that interface to get. I looked at the Scarlett Solo in guitar center and it seems like a relatively good and low priced piece of equipment for recording, but naturally I have a few questions. First off..I'm awake that many 1st get Scarlett Models have a clipping issue. Supposedly this issue was resolved in the 2nd gen models but can anyone confirm? I don't know if the pads on the 2nd gen 2i4 would be better, although that costs $100 more than the solo which I don't mind too much but It doesn't feel like I need more than the solo
Also, the solo has a mic input as well as a guitar input. Can I have both plugged in to use simultaneously? Primarily, my goal with this is just to record guitar on reaper with some Amp sims. record bass Maybe record a friend on drums to help me out so that I can play some drums with my tracks, although can't I just find and use some drum track plugins or something like that? I plan on buying a good condenser mic to either mic up my amp, or record some acoustic guitar as well and I don't expect any clipping with that. The 2i2 seems nice but do I really need the extra input? If I'm going to invest more for the 2i2 I feel it would just be more useful to go for the 2i4 since it has pads. Overall, my main concern is really just the clipping and wondering if you guys think I can manage to record my own music. I'm not exactly trying to sound completely high quality pro. I just enjoy writing music and sharing it with fellow members of the community and friends. Would the Solo Suffice?
AFAIK the solo records only one signal so either mic or direct instrument input. From what I've heard and read on the internet, there's still some clipping but it is more of an isolated issue now.

There are other interfaces in the price range of the Solo, from what I've used by PreSonus for example, I haven't noticed any clipping issues.

If we're talking GC, talked to them and see if you can test it at home and bring back if it doesn't work.