Hi, im new to the community. Id like to buy a new guitar, a 2016 gibson les paul 50s tribute guitar. I will buy it on amazon italy. The colour that i like is the satin vintage sunburst..

The problem and the question that i have is that the illustrative picture of this model ( LPST5HTHDCH3 ) doesnt have a pickguard, and couldn´t seen a hole for a screw on the side of the guitar...

So, theres an error with the picture or is it really dosnt come with a pickguard this particular model and colour..

I cant buy it on another website because amazon italy is the only one that can send it to my country.

Can someone help me? thanks
Not sure.From the pics i've seen it seems that the black one and honey burst have pick guards but the gold top and the one you want don't.Strange.I'd have assumed it would be included in the gig bag but if it has no holes then maybe those colours dont have a pick guard.Non of the sites even mention it.
Do you specifically need a pick guard?
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V3n0m777 No, that is the high performance edition. I saw it with a pickguard, even on gibson website shows it with a pickguard (and without it)... Thats why i dont know if theres two model of the same guitar (exvluding the hp edition) or if its just an error with the picture..
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EyeballPaul No really.. But i like it with a pickguard, looks naked without it hehe
If that's the one you want, don't worry about it. A good percentage of Les Paul players (probably even a majority) remove pick guards anyway.
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+1 GaryBillington every Gibson LP i have owned i have pulled it off.

I don't think it is worth fussing over IMO.
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I have a 2016 60s Tribute & it is a lovely guitar.
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