So the other day i was jamming with my buddy. I went to go touch his bass strings to show him a few licks. I was holding my guitar and all of a sudden i was shocked.

I don't understand how i could have gotten hit from touching his strings. As i've only heard of people getting electrocuted themselves by touching their own equipment and not wearing shoes. The amp is a 71' Ampeg V-4, 100 watt. Two prong plug, so there is no ground.

Would i have not been shocked if i install a three prong plug on the ampeg?

My amp is also a tube amp, but its grounded. Orange AD30.

I just took a non-contact voltage tester to the amp. It was all hot! It has a polarity switch on it and i turned it on and now it's not hot. How does the polarity switch work?
The polarity switch ...uh...switches the polarity. I've gotten shocked from other people's guitars and from mikes (great for your lower lip). GROUND that stupid thing (now you know what the GROUND plug is for). Get a three-pronged plug (installed properly, please) onto that amp before you fry someone else.

If i get a three-pronged plug installed (which i will), do i need to remove the Polarity switch?

As well as disconnect the "death cap"?
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