I have been trying to figure out the basic chord structure to this song but am struggling with it. I believe the chorus to be G Bb C. I also think the song is in Dm, but my little knowledge of theory that doesn't make alot of sense as then the song isn't using the dominant chords of the key.

Anyone got any time to shed some light on this.
Here is a link to the youtube video. Even though it says Alias, it is Joydrops song. No idea why it says that. Link: H6k3mJWAcS0
It seems that G and D# chords for intro and verses, and chorus is G D# C. But it's better to use capo at 3rd fret, i'll provide you a link to full version as soon as it'll be approved. And for future, use the request form for songs you want to see on UG https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/contribution/request . Some guys specialize on it.
UdjineThank you very much for your time and effort with this. And for pointing out how to correctly request tabs. Thank you.