I am not exactly new at recording midi drums but not an expert either. Some samples I buy when I upload into Kontakt do not have Room, Ambience, Reverb, etc. Most kits that people know such as Steven Slate and Toontrack automatically route every kit piece usually including a room channel too. I have many samples that do not do this though such as Panda Sound drums, Metal Factory drums and Seraph Recordings. Basically this is what I've been doing. Route all tracks out of Kontakt into Logic with buses. (Kick, Snare, Toms, HH, OH). Then in the "sends" I send them to another bus-aux and put Logic's Space Designer to create a fake room. Is this the proper way of doing this?

Also, in Reaper on the Kontakt host channel there is a button you uncheck so the sound only comes from the Aux channels not the host. If you don't do it it doubles the volume and clips. Is there a similar thing in Logic? It's not a big deal once I record all the drums and everything because I can adjust volumes, but it would be nice to not do that when I'm writing a song. Thanks very much for any help. I feel I am somewhat decent a recording it was just this one thing holding me back.
The easiest way I see is just to add a light reverb to all drum tracks just to give it the same idea- which I think is essentially what you are doing but I am not sure. Maybe a really "authentic" way of doing it would be to play the recorded drum tracks in a room through monitors and record the ambience.
If you can, send the drums to an audio buss as a send.

On this buss, add some reverb, make it about a 30/70 dry/wet mix. Give it about 150ms pre-delay, mid-fast decay.

After that, to get a real big room sound, scoop out 300Hz, 800Hz, and 1.5kHz. Roll off below 60.

After that smash it through the junkiest compressor plugin you have. Moderate attack, moderate release. 20/1 ratio (or there abouts) and a strong knee.

Mix into your drum sound as needed.
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