Hello everyone again.

Right now i am trying to improve my improvising. I didn't develop good ears to indentefy chord names(but i can indetify some intervals(octave,5th,4th)).
Thats why, i need good ballad or funk or blues backing track for Am pentatonic with I IV V progression(if it possible) and this backing must show me witch chord is now playing, like this
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Shouldn't be too hard to find. Just search "A blues backing track", "Am funk backing track" or "Am ballad backing track" from Youtube.

Yeah, not all of them show the chords, but that will be a good ear training exercise. When figuring out the chords, listen to the bass first. Most of the time the bass will be playing the root of the chord. Also, especially when we are talking about bluesy backing tracks, they are usually just three chords and it shouldn't be that hard to figure out which of the three chords is playing at the time.

If you want backing tracks with chords written out, just look at other videos on the channel.
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